Master Peace brings childhood nostalgia to his 'Sounds of the Verse' freestyle

As if shelling down "Take On Me" via Tim & Barry's "The Lift" wasn't enough, Master Peace now shows us how to marry grime and nursery rhymes together. With big bravado and a calmed seriousness, he shouts out DJ, Sir Spyro and producer, A2, before launching into this fiery beat, by asking "twinkle twinkle little star, how many MCs should I par?" Clearly providing all the smoke, to those who want it, Peace then delves into focused, strong and clear bars.

After hearing Peace sing on how he has these MCs in his hand, he switches up the flow to something more skippy and modern before resting on his version of head, shoulders, knees and toes – again, with added 'smoke'. Master Peace proves time and time again to be an artist who brings a fun, comedic element to grime, pushing it into territories that may not have been seen before, but keeping its essence of bars, skill, attitude and uniqueness. Check out the 1Xtra freestyle below.