Nasty Jack practices some grimy arithmetics on 'Pagan Slapper'

Shepherd's Bush MC Nasty Jack is on a roll at the moment, having released songs almost every Friday since the start of the summer, as well as the whole Shotta Music 3 mixtape on top of that. Some of these have been sitting on his hard drive since as early as 2015, but they're all finally seeing the light of day. The latest track in the series is "Pagan Slapper", which finds NJ counting up to ten in the song's hook over an infectiously catchy Biggaman production.

"Pagan Slapper" must be one of the newer tracks of the batch, as evidenced by Aruba Jasmine's "Tizzy Gang" tag at the start of the song. Jack seems to be aiming his lyrics at another MC, and lets loose some signature witticisms ("Talk like that when you've never done dirt / Karma's a bitch and you could get hurt"). He even elaborates further on this beef ("I should slap man down for that rebore verse / I should wash man up, you're a keyboard nerd").

You can stream the new song in full below and pick it up on Apple Music here. Stay tuned for more new music from NJ, including "The Art of Name Dropping 2", which is due for release at midnight.