Defiant harks back to the dark ages on the vinyl-only 'Red Ritual' EP

Artwork by Future Curse / @FutureCurse

Defiant's instrumentals have come to dominate many a grime set over the course of the last couple of years, but the 22-year-old Birmingham producer has never actually released a full solo project before – until now. His debut solo EP Red Ritual, released today exclusively on red vinyl, also serves as the first full release on Mode FM DJ Citrus's new label, Bookey Records, following the extremely limited release of ten white-label copies of his Beat Boss 7 war dubs back in July.

The EP is highly thematically consistent and, in a sense, serves as a miniature concept album. All four tracks provide distinctive modern spins on operatic, medieval-sounding vocal samples, coupled with a healthy dose of jaw-dropping bass. A sombre and delicate violin solo is woven into "Gundyr", while "Chaos" lives up to its name and combines unrelenting crashes and hi hats with pulsing bass stabs that sound like they've been ripped out of UK garage, brought back in time and dropped into a Game of Thrones battle scene. As for "Dragonslayer"... just watch what Ten Dixon and Razor have done to it on sets.

300 copies of Red Ritual have been pressed; head here to secure yours while stocks last, and follow Defiant on Twitter (@DefiantGrime) and Instagram (@DefiantGrime) for more updates.