Dubzta unleashes four hefty, cinematic instrumentals on the 'Boss' EP

By and large, Dubzta's instrumentals are characteristically epic. The Cardiff producer seems to have a penchant for orchestral stabs, huge crash cymbals, and pummelling basslines, and this is typified by his new Boss EP, released today through Everyday Grime.

The project's opener and title track commences with an emotive set of repeated synth chords, which are later accompanied by a simple arrangement of drums and bass. For something so stripped-back, it's surprisingly effective, with the main melody line retaining its slightly melancholy, slightly extraterrestrial quality throughout. Second track "Beast", in contrast, is a tumultuous number which combines a choppy, unrelenting bassline with aggressive drums and punctuative strings.

At the halfway mark, the EP takes a new direction stylistically, with "Babylon" and "Iron Armour" featuring some face-meltingly grotesque basslines. The latter track in particular is not for the faint-hearted, and in reality has more in common with riddim dubstep than it does with grime. Dubzta's certainly not holding back on this release.

Stream the Boss EP below, and follow Dubzta on Twitter (@DubztaBeats) for more updates.