Genghis Kong wakes up the sleeping with 'Mantra/Prevent Messiahs'

If you haven’t heard the name Genghis Kong in grime before, then it's time you were introduced to a sharp tongued and venomous MC named just that. The Croydon artist has been self-releasing tracks and music videos for some time now, all with the same chill and quick-wit that this release has, “Mantra/Prevent Messiahs”.

“Those who sleep will get a rude awakening”

Beginning with “Mantra” [prod. Jam City], we view a calm and calculated instance of the almost myth-like MC. Spitting as if he wants us to hear and understand every syllable, he raps “…they follow blindly – hollow minds, black sheep”.
“Prevent Messiahs” [prod. Dean Blunt] enters in the same fashion as the previous, as Kong can be seen wearing a purge-like Asian mask – potentially one from ancient theatre, dance, rituals or war. This instrumental introduces more percussion but is still fairly slow and tranquil. Yet the thought-provoking MC, generates a tense atmosphere as he shares his opinions on the upper class, certain mentalities and controversies.
The visuals for both are dark, cold, bare and serious. Consciously perusing to become a  "scholar warrior of grime in the vein of Genghis Khan and Confucious", Kong is delivering a message, it’s up to you to pay attention.

This track is taken from The Last Remnants mixtape. A 19-track release embodying the sound, style and views of Genghis Kong. Before downloading the tape, click to view this titled music video below.