Grandmixxer and JEB1 join forces for the 'Deeper Levels' EP

For the last few years, Lambeth producers Grandmixxer and JEB1 have found themselves at the forefront of a rapidly-expanding, nameless derivative of instrumental grime which combines squelchy, reverberating basslines with skittering kicks and claps and retro MIDI instruments. The results are hard to describe, but essentially involve cinematic melodies, passed through synthesisers until they are cold, artificial and dystopian; like a symphony of stacked digital keyboards from the 80s.

True to form, the two South London beat-makers continue to explore fresh ideas on their new five-track collaborative EP Deeper Levels. Opener "Ethiopian Hills" seemingly samples birdsong, melding it with dotted bursts of bass. The project's regal-sounding lead single "African Navy Seals", released a few weeks ago, combines grandiose, drawn-out synthetic trumpets with staccato choral voices to create a mesmerising soundscape. "XXV Instrumental" takes a call-and-response format between bluesy chords and hearty synth stabs, and the song's title seems to imply we might be later seeing a vocal version...

 You'll have to watch this space. Follow the two artists on Twitter (@GRANDMIXXER and @JEB1_Official) for more updates, and stream Deeper Levels in full below: