Haggi's 'Be Like Gee' EP is pure escapism

© D3signeric / Plasma Abuse

Elusive Edinburgh producer Haggi maintains a minimal social media presence, seemingly only resurfacing on the internet when he's got new music or shows to announce. It's a bold move in this day and age, but it's one that seems to pay off; every time he returns, the news is bigger and better – he's worked with Nico Lindsay and Mr Traumatik, and recently flew out to Los Angeles to support J:Kenzo and President T. Returning to Rapture 4D's label Plasma Abuse this week with the Be Like Gee EP, he's continued to established himself as a major player in the Scottish grime scene and beyond.

The four-track project is an exploration of the darker side of grime. The title track opens with tense, accented strings, metamorphosing into a stomping, bass-driven number, complemented by an unrelenting combination of hi-hats and claps. The VIP is chirpier, higher-pitched, and stripped-back; a yin to the yang of its predecessor.

"8Bit Princess" is refreshingly unique, using melancholy, detuned synth bursts and tightly-programmed, syncopated drum beats to create a groove unlike anything else to emerge from the square wave grime camp. "8Bit Prince" is essentially a counterpart and VIP mix of the same song, once again using gliding, ethereal melodies and meticulously planned percussion to create an entirely new spin on the track.

Stream Be Like Gee in full on Spotify below, and find it on all the usual digital retailers. Haggi is on Twitter (@LordHaggi), as is Plasma Abuse (@Plasma_Abuse), if you want to keep up to date with their future releases.