J Beatz returns with the hearty, sample-driven 'Chop Suey' EP

When Enfield DJ and producer J Beatz isn't busy holding down his Thursday night residency on Mode FM, he's in the studio whipping up instrumentals, which usually tend to permeate into just about every corner of the grime scene, be it sets, shows, or production credits. On Friday, the Beat Boss judge released a brand new batch of beats in the form of the Chop Suey EP, through Mode's offshoot record label Mode Digital.

The project's four songs are textbook J Beatz, characterised by their airy, sliced up female vocal samples (presumably what inspired the EP title), punctuative strings, trance-inducing synth arpeggios, and crunchy basslines. While the three instrumentals are all expertly crafted, the project's clear pièce de résistance is "Pride", vocalled by fellow North Londoner and frequent collaborator Capo Lee. It's hard not to be drawn in from the opening line: "Things are going kinda wrong / But I didn't really wanna take this to a song..."

Check out the Chop Suey EP in full below, and follow J Beatz on Twitter (@jbeatzmusic) and Instagram (@jbeatzmusic) if you like what you hear.