Jafro lets loose on Halloween special 'Sluggish'

Jafro submerges himself within the darkness of this Halloween season and treats us with a special release entitled “Sluggish”.

This is the first ever video on his personal YouTube channel. Uploaded on the cusp of midnight, it presents an almost villainous version of Jafro – one with full assertion and ‘smoke’; one with an unlimited amount to rage; and one who, here, is setting himself apart from ‘average’ MCs.

The instrumental is a banger cooked by AudioSlugs (@audioslugs), which sounds like a medieval war on steroids – on full offensive attack and taking no prisoners. All bars, energy, sonics, edits and effects on the track complement each other well and provide an eccentric purge-like ambience (S/O @clarencestreetstudios) that runs parallel with the sinister visuals – filmed by @Liam.Cr2 and edited by @Tiguar_Music.

Rather handing out sweets, buss this at your trick or treaters tonight – no matter the age, grime is all they need! Also send them to Jafro's socials: Twitter (@itsjafro), Instagram (@itsjafro) and Facebook (@itsjafro).