Jayza steps up to his own platform to deliver a sub-zero 'Shelly Session'

If you haven’t clocked on to a man like Jayza before now, then you’re missing out on a consistent MC and founder of “Shelly Session” via his platform, Jayza Media. This is an artist that incorporates a multifaceted approach to his writing – bringing the substance, content, crud, bars and flows. Here, he delivers his very own “Shelly Session”.

The Birmingham MC is not just an artist, he has created his own platform to convey his creativity, as well as promote numerous other artists. He has put on a bunch of MC’s through this YouTube session shell down, and after a passionate Tantskii freestyle 2 months ago, he has decided to step up to the mark and present his own quick explosion of thought.

A cold, wintry back drop seems to be the perfect equivalent to the sub-zero, gully, bitter bars that Jayza delivers. Bringing all the talk, all the smoke, all the self-belief – the Shelly Boss is undoubtedly putting major time to his craft.