Jon E Clayface shuts down the week with 'One7' release

Jon E Clayface has had his name circulating for a minute; been shutting down barring sessions since early; and developed some hard-hitting grime records throughout the years. 3 years after his last full-length release, the South East MC drops One7, plus a music video on the same night.

We are introduced to this project with visuals from “Plata O Plomo” featuring a cold verse from Section Boyz solider, Littlez. Mysterious and captivating shots from Director, Bennett Charles, opens the video through a stream of prayer, religious elements and close ups, before Clayface signs it off with “Gang”. The entirely black and white visuals proceed into Clay’s section, followed by Littlez' added touch.

Clayface is clearly a unique artist – from his energy, recognisable dreads, facial tattoo’s including some interesting South Korean characters forming “Hyung” and a distinctive, almost-dark style. His One7 project runs parallel with this narrative in terms of content, production and sound.

Supported by an array of artists – Popzzy English, JSmart, Ten Dixon, Trap House, Marger and Littlez – Clay creates a body of work full of force, attitude, vigour and action. A sense of intrigue comes from the darkness that seems absorbed within this project, through tracks like, “Devil’s Mantra”, “Grave Shift” and “Satan’s Magic”. However, more common subjects are touched upon with the hustle of “Worker” and localism of “SE18”.