Bristol producer Lemzly Dale showcases his versatility on the hotly anticipated 'Catty' EP

Self-proclaimed 'Bandit of the West' [of England, that is], Lemzly Dale, has been busy this year. He kicked off 2018 with the release of the Paladins EP alongside fellow Bristolian Modelle, later produced an R&G track for West London barrer GHSTLY XXVII entitled "Trust", and has now returned with his second EP of the year, Catty, released through his own label Sector 7 Sounds (which is co-owned by Boofy).

Some of the songs on Catty will be familiar to the attuned ear. 
The sought-after title track, littered with meows, has seen its fair share of appearances in DJ sets, including a memorable vocal by Kruz Leone during Jook's Keep Hush set in March. However, it's skippy Lewisham lyricist Merky ACE who takes the helm on the official vocal version, "What We Do", which landed earlier this month and appears as the EP's lead single and opening track.

"High Noon" is unique in that it combines drawn-out, Western-sounding guitar strums with colossal, Jammz-esque brass samples and floaty synth melodies. The track was first heard in April 2017, played as Lemz's first dub during the Bristol heat of Red Bull's Riddim Rally soundclash. "Go Away", on the other hand, is textbook R&G, blending velvety, chopped-up piano samples with intricate percussion and glossy synths. 

100 vinyl copies of the EP will be available from 7pm tonight via the Sector 7 website, and the project will be available on streaming services from 2 November. The title track is exclusive to the vinyl edition of the release, so act fast if you want a copy!