Manga St Hilare links Jme & Frisco to outline 'True To Me' [prod. Sir Hiss]

After a wicked work rate and two video releases from a phenomenal project, Outsiders Live Forever, with Sir Hiss, Manga Saint Hilare blesses his fans once again with a third video, this time for the Jme and Frisco collab entitled, “True To Me”.
This nostalgic instrumental, produced by Sir Hiss, gets overlaid by Manga’s genuine lyrics, Jme’s infamous flow and Frisco’s boasy bars. Apart from the quality of sonics, this riddim takes it back to true grime – it’s high synths, minimalistic percussion and heavy bass. The visuals switch this up completely with an array of impressive shots and edits – water in the box arrangement is too cold.

Manga Saint Hilare:

Sir Hiss