Nasty Jack collides with a Zeph Ellis production on 'Church'

Make way for a ‘New Music Friday’ release you’re gonna care about. Delivered from an artist frequently mentioned by OUAG due to his rate of work and consistency: Shotta Music’s own, Nasty Jack. Here we see him connect with producing powerhouse Zeph Ellis to craft “Church”.

This calm instrumental is formed from familiar ‘Zeph Ellis’ elements – repeated female samples; heavy, ‘on-beat’ chords stabs and dominant snares. Being a notorious producer, it’s always good to hear fresh craftsmanship from this South London native.

Although supported with a solid structure, Nasty Jack makes this song his own with his relaxed, confident and tough vocals. Questioning the reality of his relations, we hear Jack almost contemplating to himself his doubts, thoughts, reasons, difficulties and uncertainties in his significant other – which combines into an attentive track, relatable to many in their own personal ways.