Northampton Weirdoe produces a mean 'JDZmedia [PLATINUM EDITION]'

Northampton has been put on the map in a big way since the last few years, as several artists from the Midland’s region have made their paths into the music industry. The town holds a great deal of talent, as one such artist named Weirdoe, demonstrates in his “JDZmedia [PLATINUM EDITION]”.

After racking up nearly 3.5m views on his “JDZmedia [SPITFIRE]” session, the young spitter returns to the channel with more maturity, more confidence and more composure - yet still savouring the same unique energy. Barring over a Harlz and Danny.U.STOOPID production, the distinctive rapper delivers a mean freestyle via JDZ’s new series.

Weirdoe has been on a run of releases recently via YouTube and is an interesting character to keep eyes on. Check the latest freestyle below, before following the link above to his artist YouTube page.

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