P Solja claps back at Ten Dixon on dubsteppy new Don't Flop war dub

At the start of October, Leeds MC P Solja took to Facebook to ask his followers: "i need a big grime clash for the don't flop london show on the 20th, who's on it?? THIS WILL BE MY LAST GRIME CLASH EVER!!!" Greenwich's rising star Ten Dixon took up the gauntlet, and last Tuesday he kicked off the pre-event proceedings with a diss entitled "Grime Daily". He was met with radio silence from P Solja, so ended up releasing a follow-up dub, "Cmon", on Saturday. P Solja simply tweeted a cryptic 🧀 emoji on Sunday—presumably calling Dixon's two tracks cheesy—and for a while, it seemed this might be all we'd get from him. Thankfully, he has clapped back today with an untitled, dubsteppy diss of his own via the Don't Flop YouTube channel.

P's main line of attack here is the suggestion that Dixon's unoriginal, which he makes very clear from the song's intro: "He sounds like Remtrex. He sounds like Tempz. He sounds like Bruza. He sounds like everyone!" His bars quickly take a darker turn, however, as he assures his opponent: "I will come on my own, I don't need no gun / I will rush a man's mum when she's doing her shopping". War ah get spicy (disclaimer: we do hope no mums will be harmed in the making of this clash).

Check out all three dubs below. We've set the YouTube video to skip to P Solja's diss, assuming that you've already listened to Dixon's.

For more updates on the war, follow @DontFlop, @PSOLJA and/or @MrTenDixon on Twitter. The clash takes place this Saturday 20 October at the Slaughtered Lamb pub in Clerkenwell; you can grab an early bird ticket for just £5.49 here