Subten once again links TwoSeven for the vibrant 'Look Over Here'

After lighting the up airwaves with his 2017 return EP, The Subway, Subten has maintained his presence on the grime scene via a fairly healthy amount of substance this year – “Vision” and “Shellington Square”.
Proving his lyrical ability and hypnotising flow, countless times on his previous projects and singles, Subten shows out once again on this latest track, “Look Over Here” – a brisk, exhilarating creation of enthralling musical frequencies and numerous ‘quotables’.
The Tottenham born MC seems to throw memorable bar after bar at the listener as he sprays out the movements surrounding him and his space rather than others, monstrous figurative language, nostalgic one-liners and notable wordplay – just for example.

Look over here, don’t look over there / Nothing ain’t popping over that side.

Pull up on a set on a Big H one / give me space, give me room like a booked hotel.

Sold you a dream, just like the tooth fairy.

All I ever do is shell, remove the S, all I ever bring is hell.

Between the chorus, 3 nail-biting verses are carried over the cold but energetic production crafted by the hands of TwoSeven (@ItsTwoSeven).
Keep up with up with Subten via Twitter (@officialsubten), Instagram (@officialsubten).