Taiko exhibits splashes of grime on new dubstep EP 'Jackal'

Although Sheffield producer Taiko is principally a dubstep artist, he borrows sounds from a myriad of genres. On the Cold Empty Bed EP with Chaz White, released in August through Zha's Yellow Flower hip hop imprint, he even seemed to provide a unique spin on jazz and swing. There are some audible splashes of grime influence on his new EP Jackal, released through White Peach Records on Sunday, and the results are too good not to share.

The project's spellbinding opener and title track "Jackal" combines world percussion with a fluctuating, reedy melody line and orchestral strings. Next up is "Bleep Bleep", a choppy rollercoaster of a track and the closest thing to an out-and-out grime song on the EP. Grandiose basslines are juxtaposed by brief, clattering breakdowns and tense, skippy pauses, making for a heart-racing experience.

"$ea Pimp" brings the listener's pulse back down, combining a rolling bassline with tightly-programmed drums, silky piano chords, and a jarring, repeated brass off-note that keeps you on edge. Wrapping things up is the bouncy "In My Way", an equally innovative production which marries up booming 808s with vocal cuts, pizzicato string plucks, and echoing woodwind. All in all, this makes for one of the most diverse and intriguing projects to come out of the dubstep scene in a long time.

Find Taiko on Twitter (@taiko_uk) and Instagram (@taiko_uk) for more updates, and stream the Jackal EP in full below.