Ten Dixon applies further pressure to P Solja with feisty second diss 'Cmon'

This week, Green Borough MC and W.A.V.E Gang member Ten Dixon announced that he'll be clashing Leeds lyricist P Solja at the Don't Flop London event next Saturday. On Tuesday, the South London warmonger dropped a largely jovial diss entitled "Grime Daily" to kick off the war proceedings before next week's event. Although the two MCs spoke in private, and Dixon apparently had Solja's blessing to share the send, we haven't heard a peep from the latter lyricist so far, let alone a reply in audio form.

Has he been spending the last four days working on an ambitious response? Has he got cold feet and pulled out of the war? We've got no idea, and neither does Ten, so he's dropped a follow-up diss entitled "Cmon" to apply further pressure to his opponent. The track features an intro from Reprezent Radio presenter Ambs, who makes her musical debut credited under the name NotStrictly, jeering: "Don't Flop? Already flopped it! Dub one? No response. Dub two? Shelling."

The production on "Cmon" was handled jointly by two of Dixon's most frequent collaborators: in-demand Rugby beat-maker Filthy Gears and W.A.V.E Gang member Shannon Parkes. It's the first collaboration we've heard between the two of them, so naturally, it's something special. Lyrically, Dixon is much more aggressive on this one, although there are still plenty of hilarious bars (see: "How can Supermalt get a man so tipsy?" and "Solja who? / My son's three and he talks more sense than you").

Check out "Cmon" and download a free copy via Ten Dixon's SoundCloud below. Find him on Twitter (@MrTenDixon) for more updates on next week's clash and whether or not it's actually going ahead.