Ten Dixon taunts P Solja on the vicious Don't Flop warm-up diss 'Grime Daily'

Greenwich native Ten Dixon has been turning heads for all the right reasons this year. The rising MC has earned plaudits from fans and industry moguls alike for his commanding presence at the Hell in the Cell 2 multi-man clash, his recent string of singles including the infectious "Knock Knock" and the Jme-approved "Only One", and a well-received appearance at the prestigious Grime Originals New Gen set last month. However, even as the year draws to a close, it seems he's still not quenched his thirst for blood yet: this week he's sent for P Solja on a vicious new war dub entitled "Grime Daily".

Over an eerie, Wiley-sampling instrumental coming courtesy of fellow W.A.V.E Gang member Shannon Parkes, Ten takes some preliminary shots at the Leeds MC, spitting mostly light-hearted bars such as "You reminded me of Borat when you spat / Your hairline is back / When I say back, I mean way back".

Although it's not referenced in the lyrics, the song's title seems to nod to Dixon's recent Twitter spat with the A&R manager of GRM Records, who put out a tweet this week asking for beats for one of his signees and then proceeded to dismiss Parkes' grime instrumentals because it turns out he wanted the beats for a rapper. Dixon took to social media on Monday to write "GRM MAKE ME SICK!!! GIVE US BK GRIME KMT!"

The track serves as a precursor to Dixon and P Solja's forthcoming battle at the Don't Flop tenth anniversary tour; they'll be going head-to-head at the Slaughtered Lamb pub in Clerkenwell on 20 October, battling it out on the mic. Tickets are still available here for £5.49 if you want to secure a place.

Check out "Grime Daily" below. Dixon and Parkes have also released two new remixes of "Man's Outside" this week, which you can check out here.