Wiley and OG Rootz go bar for bar on 'Murkerz'

Durrty Goodz, Doogz, OG Rootz, has teamed up with grime's chosen Godfather, Wiley, to produce a mysteriously released, possibly leaked "Murkerz".

Rootz has been fairly vocal on past disputes with his current collaborator. Though now they seem to have squashed this and actually come together - potentially showcasing what the unaccomplished Rootz x Wiley EP may have sounded like. Quick raps; back to back; bar for bar; straight lyrics.

As for the Bow-born barrer, Wiley is currently submerged in the Skepta and Dizzee fiasco and seems to be finished with concealing his opinions on several matters. Sonics moulded by the talents of producer and engineer, Morfius, enhance this tune to sound something that we would have heard Wiley on several years ago. No matter what the circumstances or when the track was actually recorded, it is fantastic to hear.

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