FFSYTHO unleashes her lyrical venom on 'it's all mad'

If you require an introduction to FFSYTHO, just peep the Twitter profile:
“Barely 5ft. Lesbian. I spit not swallow.. Sometimes road man, sometimes posh. My gravestone will read death by pussy”.
Enough said. She brings an essence of confidence, attitude and greeze that can complete with the baddest of male MCs. So being, make way for her latest track, dubbed “it’s all mad”.

The venomous-tongued Northampton artist unleashes a showering of gully bars, confrontational statements and boastful remarks throughout the entirety of the joint. FFSYTHO seems fully complacent over a cold Maniac production and conjures an experience that seems perfectly suited to a listen when in need of some lowkey energy, while working out, when your day's not going right and you need that screwface music, or when your Mum says 'no more James Bond Goldeneye until your room's tidy'.

Check out FFSYTHO’s Bandcamp for the track, go rummage through the attic for your old PS2 and support via the socials below.

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