Masro assembles eleven MCs on huge new eight-bar rally 'Gridlock'

The newly established SpentShell Records has had a monumental 2018, with EPs from GHSTLY XXVII, PK, and head honcho Flowdan as well as singles from YGG and Ruby Black released via the label in recent months. Wrapping up the year is their most ambitious output yet: the eight-bar rally "Gridlock", which sees eleven lyricists go back-to-back with no choruses and no pauses over an arcade-inspired Masro beat which, along with its artwork, evokes memories of retro video games thanks to chopped-up choral samples and bitcrushed basslines.

SpentShell have struck a sensible balance between old-school favourites, renowned youngsters, and lesser-known emerging talents when curating the track. The running order of MCs is as follows: PK, Lyrical Strally, Saint P, Manga Saint Hilare, GHSTLY XXVII, Discarda, SafOne, Logan, JoSoSick, Kamakaze, and Flowdan. As they rattle through each verse at a breakneck speed, you'll certainly have to reload this multiple times to fully digest the lyrics.

Listen to "Gridlock" in full below, and find Masro on Twitter here and SpentShell here for more updates.