Rapture 4D mercilessly distorts sounds on dark new EP '13'

© Future Curse / @FutureCurse

Glaswegian producer Rapture 4D has been active this year. The Plasma Abuse label boss self-released the Ugly Sparkle EP in May, the Carpet Burn / Rage'n Remixes EP in June, and the "Levitation" single in August. He's also shared multiple collaborations with gloomy, taken from their forthcoming EP. This week, he's returned to DJ Slimzee's Slimzos Digital with four unheard tracks in the form of the 13 EP.

On the opener, "Circus", echoing synth bursts meet swooping, tumultuous basslines and choppy percussion. Second track "Quan Chi Riddim"—named after the Mortal Kombat antagonist—first surfaced via R4D's SoundCloud in March. The track is the epitome of freneticism, combining a pounding bassline and unrelenting drums with arcade-esque synth plucks and retro video game samples.

Discordant closer "The Hour Before Next", and its subsequent stripped-back VIP mix, are perhaps the Scottish beat-maker's darkest songs yet. A mercilessly detuned and bitcrushed lead synth is set against elements of breaks and trap percussion, making for an intriguing, innovative, and devilish brand of grime – three adjectives which could be applied to just about any of R4D's work.

Stream and buy the 13 EP below, and find Rapture 4D on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates.