The Streets, Chip & Grim Sickers join forces on 'Call Me In The Morning'

Everyone is aware of infamous Birmingham group, The Streets – they told men to “Dry Your Eyes”, gave us an eerie step by step account of a night time nightmare (or paradise) – ICYMI, a phenomenal remix by Bashy here – and taught how to treat boujee women on “Fit But You Know It”. Frontman, Mike Skinner has remained active in the music scene via an array of solo music, interviews and DJ sets, and as of last year, the group have been dropping random singles every now and then – 1, 2 and 3. Last Thursday however, they made another glorious return via GRM Daily with, “Call Me In The Morning”.

Although this sound fits right in with where The Streets left us, Skinner sets a new tone straight from the get-go with a more controlled and well-rounded sung chorus. He follows this up with his signature sound of spoken rap, though sprinkled with extra melody at times.

As a team always being experimental with both music and visuals, this shoot is as expected. Set in a house, this scenery has been completely blacked out, as are everyone’s outfit. The Streets seek lyrical assistance from Chip and Grim Sickers. Chip jumps in with an outfit like he’s ready to sign up with the Black Opps and bars from his usual skillful artillery. Sickers brings it home, as the 3rd to lay a verse – with his famous Kane-esque flow and commanding presence. All around, each artist fuses well with this string-heavy instrumental. The Streets music is always going to be slightly alternative which many younger listeners may not understand. Still, it's great to see them producing music again, as the majority of us will mostly likely be hoping for a project, to which Skinner has mentioned about a mixtape in 2019.