Aaze kicks off sending season with Mob Set diss 'Merry Dubmas'

What did you have for your Christmas dinner? Turkey? Ham? Nut roast? Grime MCs tend to grab themselves an extra large portion of beef. Last December saw Saint P, Reece West, and Ets attack one another lyrically; the previous year, Merky ACE claimed he was Jammz's "Farda" and likened So Large to Papa Smurf. This Christmas, 19-year-old Brockley barrer Aaze has kicked off the proceedings with a bold war dub aimed at an entire crew – Mob Set.

The three-minute diss "Merry Dubmas" includes bars levelled at all four current members of Mob Set—Master Peace, Squintz, Renz, and Omega—as well as former member SBK. Lacing an unreleased Filthy Gears instrumental entitled "Demons In Suits", he goes on to claim that Squintz is "Renz's backup", Omega has "been in hiding since he got bad up" (referring to his fracas with RD at Hell In A Cell 2), and Master Peace is a "cowboy singer" who's been "on Grindr and Tinder".

Check out Squintz's reply, "HumBug", here, and find Aaze on Twitter for more updates.