Inside: Jakebob lets loose two rave weapons on the 'Hymn List' EP

© Misbah / @MisDigest

In an age where radio sets are dominated by DJ/producer line-ups as much as MCs, there are a host of opportunities for young beat-makers to step up and be recognised. The abundance of producers in this age does make it hard to stand out, but this was a chance Jakebob was not going to miss.

Hailing from the West Midlands, some would say he’s already at a disadvantage. Long commutes to play radio sets at Silk City (Birmingham), Trickstar (Brighton) and Mode FM (London) are testament to his graft and rise to popularity. Paired with an active SoundCloud account, he was given a shot in Beat Boss 7’s qualifiers – which earned him a place at the iconic producer clash.

On the Hymn List EP, he shows his versatility, bringing a wide range of sounds to the 140 format. When asked about his influences, he went on to list just about every corner of music you can think of: “To me, music is like one massive playing field. You can learn and apply techniques, or sample, from genre to genre. If it sounds good, then run with it.”

Both tracks on the EP pack one hell of a punch, and are a great addition to his already impressive arsenal. The title track has already been vocalled by Kabz on Spooky's Rinse FM show and PK on DJ Argue's Keep Hush set, so be prepared for this work to shell down a dance near you.

Stream "Hymn List" and "Hi Riddim" below, and find Jakebob on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates.