Laughta calls on C Cane and Madders Tiff for the high-octane 'Instant'

Laughta, C Cane, and Madders Tiff—three of the most talked-about women in grime right now—have come together for the slick collaborative single "Instant", bringing their unique styles to an icy Players Only production. The track serves as the lead single from Laughta's new mixtape, forthcoming in January.

Lyrically, the song's packed with witty one-liners and vivid imagery; where Laughta brings the metaphors ("Draw man out, they don't wanna get contoured"), C Cane has got the similes ("Done been match fit, darg, when it comes to the bars / I'm behind that ish like I'm captive").

"Instant" is available to stream and buy now. Watch the Shan Brown-directed visuals below, and find Laughta on Twitter and Instagram for more updates. You may also be interested in our September interview with Madders.