R@ showcases three melodic zoners on new Circadian Rhythms white label 'HEY!'

R@ has had an unusual musical journey thus far. The elusive, Leicester-based producer has gradually risen to prominence through SoundCloud with deep cuts like his haunting re-interpretations of Jorja Smith's "On My Mind" and Lana Del Rey's "High By the Beach". Many of these bridge the gap between wave and grime in a style akin to the likes of Mssingno and Klasey Jones. Just two months ago, he landed his first record deal, signing debut EP Neural to PK Brako's Stella Beats.

Now turning to Circadian Rhythms—the internationally acclaimed record label owned by  producers Last Japan and Blackwax—for sophomore EP HEY!, R@ has unveiled three distinctive and entrancing instrumentals which combine delay-soaked plucks with gargantuan basslines.

Title track "HEY!" marries arcade-like blips with snappy, barked vocal samples, while the ensuing downbeat track "L├Ąchelten" is a particular highlight, unique in that the drums don't kick in until over a minute into the song. Wrapping up the EP is "Nylon", a fast-paced journey through tight percussion and echoing synth arpeggios.

The HEY! EP is available to buy now on 180g 12" vinyl. The project will see a digital release in January; follow R@ on Twitter and SoundCloud for more updates.