Renz weighs in on the Aaze war with new reply '2-0'

Gracing an iconic Prince Rapid instrumental, Lambeth MC Renz has replied to Lewisham lyricist Aaze on a new diss entitled "2-0". Aaze had previously sent for Renz's crew, Mob Set, on the Christmas Day release "Merry Dubmas". Squintz was the first to retaliate on the same day, while Renz's track below came two days later.

Since he wasn't targeted on Aaze's original dub, Renz hasn't needed to directly reply to any lyrics, but he's helped create a united front for the Mob Set camp: "Say anything greaze that I don't rate / No long ting, I'll flame in your face / But you knew that / That's why you didn't say my name in a negative way".

According to both Yizzy and Shannon Parkes, Aaze has a reply on the way.

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