Tim & Barry open 'The Lift' for the quick witted Ears

Episode 44 of the Tim and Barry TV freestyle opens up 'The Lift' for Rollin'G Entertainment founder and artist, Ears.

This London rapper fully goes in from the get go. Following the 14 second mark, Ears pursues to deliver quick bar after bar, metaphor after metaphor, and a peppering of clever one liners - though with a consistently strong and flawless flow.

There are some worthwhile stand out bars, plus comical at times, yet the entire 'er' flow in the beginning is insane.

"The infamous, one hand, bra strap popper."

"Got your girl wetter than the pocket of an otter."

"Stay trying to get ahead like an antler."

"Treat any beats just like a canvas. When I'm painting pictures like I'm Van Gogh."

"Anybody that's hating on the vibe that I bring to the tune, probably can't dance."

A very lively and light-hearted freestyle that showcases Ears quick wit and clever wordplay. Take a look below and support those involved via the socials.


Tim and Barry