Tre Mission returns with 'Hockey', the lead single from his forthcoming album

Canadian-born grime MC, Tre Mission, returns after a long hiatus from the spotlight to deliver a music video and streaming for “Hockey” – the lead single taken from an upcoming album entitled, Orphan Black.
Although the Toronto artist/producer has seemingly been quite a myth in terms of solo music, since his 2014 debut album, Stigmata, he has in fact been putting in work. Missions has been building up his Tizzy Gang collective and developing himself as a producer. This latter becomes rather significant as his previous project, released last month, came in the form of a diverse and flavourful instrumental EP – Bare Selection 001.

Now, presumably the focus is his imminent album, Orphan Black – and this lead single thoroughly displays Mission’s self-assurance of his art, current musical head space and a taste of what’s to come.
A minimal and hazy, blue atmosphere sets the mood, as if almost placing Mission’s underwater. We see him slowly, step into the track, being sure to take his time, as he recites the first bar calmly and detached from the actual verse. Alongside this essence of blue, blurriness, being of underwater and underlying serenity, the instrumental speaks in similar language. Beginning with a light melody and fluttery hi-hat and snare percussion, this attaches the song to an almost hypnotic, trance like sense of relaxation. Mission’s proceeds with an abundance of flows and mindful bars, the odd salute to other UK MC’s and an insight into his current being. With dark shades, rarely looking at the camera and few fixated shots of the artist, Mission’s presents himself in this video as almost unfocused to the world around him but ever so concentrated in his own mind and purpose.

If Bare Selection 001 is everything to go by, the new project, Orphan Black, will contain an assortment of styles and moods – from chilled, slow tempos to the heavy grime sonics; and potential with the odd nostalgic sample, but undoubtedly overall exquisite production.

Watch the music video to “Hockey” below and stream underneath. Keep up to date with Tre Mission and his upcoming album via the socials.

Tre Mission