Aaze ups the ante on second Mob Set diss 'Knobset'

Following on from his Christmas Day release "Merry Dubmas", Lewisham MC Aaze has returned with "Knobset" – his second war dub for Mob Set, this time borrowing an R&G-tinged Riddla production. The song comes in direct response to Squintz's reply "HumBug" and Renz's "2-0".

On the track, he sings a repeated chorus which pokes fun at Renz's "WhoopDiDiDoo" catchphrase, and also asserts that Mob Set would be nowhere without their DJ, Argue:

"Man wants to talk about Yizzy / But Argue made you man there relevant / Everybody knows you're shit, it's evident"

Once again, Squintz replied mere hours later with "IDIOT".

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