Blessed sends for former affiliate Charlie Trees on 'Charlie Sheen'

Since he was muscled out of W.A.V.E Gang last summer, Greenwich lyricist Blessed has not shied away from divulging the reasons for his departure. In June, he released a diss track entitled "AntiWAVE", featuring production from Gosport's Audio Slugs. Although he's now seemingly on good terms with the crew's poster boys, Ten Dixon and Jon E Clayface, tonight he's released a diss track for Kent MC/producer Charlie Trees entitled "Charlie Sheen".

Just weeks ago, the two artists rubbed shoulders at Spooky's Grime Show on Rinse FM, but now it seems Blessed is out for blood. Once again riding an Audio Slugs instrumental on "Charlie Sheen", he reminds Trees that he was the first to invite him to Rinse, bringing him along to Sir Spyro's show in 2015 back when he was going by the name Winderz. He goes on to denounce the Gravesend MC as "a snake", and questions his loyalty to his crew:

"And when Ten got banged in the face / Kwam told you he was gonna do it / What did you do? You stood there pooing / Shook yout, what were you actually doing?"

Will we get to hear Trees' side of the story?

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