Devlin presents us with 'Fun To Me' visuals, and declares forthcoming album The Outcast

Devlin is somewhat of an elusive artist these days. With a phenomenal breakout debut album in 2010; bud, sweat & beers, his returns have been fairly spaced out – A Moving Picture in 2013, and The Devil In in 2017. An artist who produces ‘real’, often dark bars and self-declared “hard to market", it is clear that his career hasn’t been the easiest. However, also clear is that he has been one of the best MC’s in grime. We now see the Dagenham spitter picking up steam with a release last year of “Live in the Booth”, and now this latest music video entitled “Fun To Me”.

Interestingly released via GRM Daily, who do seem to be utilising more grime music since recent debates over their credibility in the scene, this video contains an official release of a track premiered on Sir Spyro’s ‘Grime Show’ back in 2016. This sinister instrumental, formed by the fingertips of Terror Danjah, sets the stage for Devlin to match this tone – nasty, blunt and lyrically combative. The visuals present us with everyday settings, potentially consciously orchestrated by Devlin to align him around similarities to himself – early morning in the house, along familiar roads, and at a local pub – modest, humble, regular, an average Jim. Yet, nothing is regular about Devlin performance. Setting the narrative of this game being fun for him, the O.T. rapper unpacks an arsenal of sharp, nimble flows; a balance of cunning ‘one liners’ and direct bars; and wicked rhyming patterns (3rd verse!).

This seems like a glimpse into Devlin next project. An announcement just 20 hours ago shows him disclose the release date and title of his forthcoming album. The Outcast. March 15th. The pre-order shows features from Syer B, Scratchy, long time acquaintances Rawz Artilla and Ghetts, and Steph Willis. "Live in the Booth" and "Fun To Me" being the first singles released. March is already gonna be top 3 months this year. As the new album's name may bring some of us nostalgia, here's "Community Outcast" to listen to while we wait.

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