Frisco sits comfy as he proceeds to lay an assertive 'Warm Up Sessions'

After comically dismissing the #38Challenge, Frisco shows everyone what he’s on as he connects with SBTV to deliver a tranquil but asserting “Warm Up Sessions”.

Sitting comfy in his studio, Big Fris opens using a term in which he is all about – “bars”. He then proceeds to lay down his familiar boastful style, confrontational and confident lyrics, and effortless flows. Over this Lewi B production, the Tottenham MC seems to let all others know that he’s still on his game. It’s exiting to see him in the studio, as well as his announcement that The Den will be obtaining a stage at 2019’s SXSW festival.

After a phenomenal European tour with Skepta, this BBK member has left 2018 with a strong momentum. One that seems to be flowing into this year, and hopefully to us, in the form of music.

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