Grim Sickers uploads animated Mario-style visuals for 'Stay The Night'

The "rarest MC on the planet", Grim Sickers ushers in the New Year with some animated visuals for his release of "Stay The Night".

Nostalgia floods the senses, with Mario-type game play; pixelated graphics; old school loading menu; and memorable lag. The “Intercontinental Champ” obtains a soft and nurturing instrumental from Filthy Gears, to which he proceeds to lull over past relationships, personal critics and wants, and connecting with someone to “stay the night”. This, represented perfectly in the single artwork pictured above, as Sickers walks towards a female figure resting on a crescent moon – though both characters in motion, their distance never decreases until the end.

The visuals (illustration and animation created by Niallycat) are well thought out and have some fantastic highlights. These include charging up with Magnum’s; Footsie’s Zootbreak, Tingz in Boots and a Lord of the Mics clash, before jetting off in a hot air balloon with, presumably, the female in question behind this single. The curators even go as far as putting with aspect ratio in the old YouTube video format, more commonly seen on ancient videos when the platform was first starting out, rather than this new, thin ‘movie sized’ aspect ratio that music videos use today.

Overall, a nice, attention holding piece of film, for a short but telling look into the artist’s story. More time, projects that throw out the common rule book and gravitate towards ideas outside the box, are the most creative, attractive and appreciated.

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