Lumes explodes with 2 fresh instrumentals, 'Vermin' & 'The Best'

Producer, Lumes, blesses his Soundcloud audience with 2 brand new instrumentals, fresh into the New Year. Uploaded on Jan 8th, these two song's come in the form of "Vermin" and "The Best".

The first, "Vermin", delivers a calmer, slower and more controlled side of this savage producer. With a leading synths, heavy reverb and sneaky melodies dropping in and out, this seems like a beat to get your thoughts out on. One for an artist to choose their words carefully.
"The Best" whisks up the action, as well as the tempo. Here we are presented with 'epicness' - if it chose sonic form. The meanness of guitar-like distortion; chilling whine of synths; rattling of snare and overall ambiance of the combined melodies - matched so well that they create an almost euphoria within the track.

Lumes is frequent with the Soundcloud releases, so be sure to show love over there, and find this musician on Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.