MoreNight plunges new music into the week via 'BARE SELECTION 002'

You missed out this weekend if you weren’t aware of our latest premiere housing a single from MoreNight’s project, in collaboration with Bare Selection. Here is the opportunity to visit before moving on.
Today is the official release of the project via Soundcloud and streaming - forget Friday, it's all about New Music Monday. This comes as a second from the youthful imprint, Bare Selection (the first with Tre Mission), and the latest from Shrewsbury producer, MoreNight. Entitled BARE SELECTION 002, we are introduced to two tracks from this partnership – “Trafficjam” and “Type C”.

As mentioned in last Friday's ‘premiere’ post, MoreNight is a young, experimental and artistic producer hailing from rural parts of the West Midlands. However, location hasn’t damped his ability to craft quality music, build an audience and reach important ears – as we can see from his past projects, impressive 20k Soundcloud following and this latest alliance with Toronto record label. Bare Selection founder, Freeza Chin states, “I’m really excited to have MoreNight on board for a release with Bare Selection because I’ve been a big fan of his for a few years now. His style is a perfect fit for our label because it’s a great representation of what we are - a mix of garage, grime and trap elements all thrown in. These two songs are absolute bangers and it’s an honour to release them through Bare Selection”.

“Type C”, a futuristic track build of eerie metallic sonics, hypnotising triplet melodies and forward leading percussion, is touched upon via the premiere post.
Traffic jam brings one heavy riff to the table and incorporates a multiverse of sounds – as if stepping foot into each universe whilst dragging the previous with you. These sync well and complement each other accordingly. Interestingly layered, pitched and panned percussion comes into play also, as well an almost 'second-half' to the track, where the melody switches and mood mellows, before leaping back into the first style nearer to the song's finale. MoreNight explains, “TrafficJam started out proper simple, like STRIPPED...but as usual, I got carried away and layered the fuck out of the melodies. That's where the lead synth came from, and the heavy bass patch closer to the beginning, and the...well yea, you get the idea”.

Find MoreNight on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates. Check Bare Selection, created by DJs Freeza Chin and JAYEMKAYEM, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.