P Money shakes things up with new track called 'No One'

P Money isn't holding back with his latest offering  entitled 'No One'. Quoteables after quoteables. The track is set to feature on P's forthcoming project 'Money Over Everyone 3' and it is defiently the right track to build further hype. The OGz frontman spits about the fakeness within the Grime scene. Why no-one's friends, the poor musical output by some, fake lyrics and stunting in designer garments. That's not Grime. The scene needed some real talk to shake things up a bit, but P took it off the scale with this one. The playback value on 'No One' is high.

Catch P's new video below, keep an eye out for 'Money Over Everyone 3' plus follow him on Twitter too - @KingPMoney.