Premiere: Emti blends eastern plucks with glacial synths on 'Amnesia VIP'

With multiple releases on Chameleon Audio already under his belt, 20-year-old Nottingham producer Emti now turns to Bethbethbeth and Khanum's brand new 140-oriented label, Foto, to release the heavy, glacial "Amnesia VIP" as part of their debut compilation Foto Album Volume 1. The project drops 30 January, but you can now stream the song in full below exclusively via Once Upon A Grime.

"Amnesia VIP" is a six-minute aural rollercoaster, sitting at the crossroads between grime and dubstep. Opening with delay-soaked, oriental-sounding plucks, the track escalates into a guttural, bass-heavy experimentation with surprises around every corner.

Foto Album Volume 1 drops Wednesday 30 January, featuring tracks from Fish, Unkey, Hypho, and more. Find Emti on SoundCloud for more updates.