Premiere: Rapture 4D puts his unique spin on Vexxy's 'Wanna B with U'

Rapture 4D is a relatively new face to many in grime, but the Glaswegian has been putting in work for a good while now. Having worked alongside, Mez, Merky ACE, Cadell, and others, he's also known for founding innovative record label Plasma Abuse. The imprint's latest offering comes courtesy of Vexxy, with a remix from the label boss himself now available to stream below.

Vexxy, a Bristolian, continues to push the boundaries for grime on "Wanna B with U". The original is an eclectic mix of different genres, combining eski clicks, sparse synths and mesmerising voices to form a truly unique, futuristic, and melodic beat. Rapture takes this formula and reimagines it as a choppier number, dominated by pummelling bass.

The Wanna B with U EP is out now.

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