Rocks FOE rolls out limited-edition EP 'RELX Part One'

Croydon innovator Rocks FOE has sporadically unveiled five tracks on his YouTube channel over the past couple of months, each vocalled and produced by the man himself. On Sunday, he compiled these into an EP entitled RELX part one, released exclusively via his Bandcamp for just 24 hours. He's now re-uploaded the project for a limited time – after that, the tracks will reportedly only be available on YouTube Premium.

Although predominantly oriented towards trap and hip hop, the EP draws influences from a myriad of genres, including R&B on the Destiny's Child flip and opening track "nooneisaround(b)" and grime on the Wiley-sampling "Absolute Zero". Meanwhile, "Outlaw" samples comedic Western-style gunshot sounds, and the woodwind-led "Put It On" feels like a uniquely intelligent spin on a sound popularised by contemporary American rap hits like Future's "Mask Off" and Kendrick Lamar's "Big Shot".

Listen below, and head over to Rocks FOE's Bandcamp ASAP if you'd like to buy a copy before it disappears again. Find Rocks on Twitter for more updates.