Shizz McNaughty samples hits from the 00's on 'The Naughty Norties' project

Something right out of the blue and a very good surprise. It's been a minute since we've had a project from Big Shizz aka Shizz McNaughty in 2019. His music has varied in taste and style, not solely just Grime from the East Londoner anymore, sampling has at the forefront of 'The Naughty Norties'.

Last year alongside Cosimo, Shizz sampled The All Seeing I for 'When The Beat Goes On'. Great video, great track, taken off of YouTube. Sampling doesn't always hit well with the major labels, but you can't stop sampling if you put out your music for a 'donation' via Bandcamp. So here's an eight track project doing just that. 'Drums' and 'Dun Kno' produced by DJ Cable and Neffa T respectfully are two other sampled highlights of 'The Naughty Norties'. Old school R&G fans can skip to track five produced by Asethetic Kid for that Channel U type of vibe. A welcomed addition.

Stream Shizz' latest project below, don't forget to donate if you like it, plus give him a follow on Twitter too - @ShizzMcNaughty.