"Back from the mountains", Meridian Dan reflects & refocuses on 'Vegan Chat'

Meridian Dan is somewhat of an anomaly - within the around the grime scene and personnel at a young age but not particularly a staple MC; to playing a vital role in the tipping point of grime in 2016 with 'German Whip'; to being somewhat of a recluse with his music career. However, it now seems that he has refocused his energy to bring a brand new track, partnered with nicely orchestrated visuals in "Vegan Chat".

And the visuals are excellent. We see the Tottenham rapper go through a series of characters who almost represent aspects of his own life - good and bad; rapper and boxer; ups and downs; the dreams and reality. 
One may look on this new year release, as a form of honest expression from the artist - on his life and lifestyle. Over a JackumStackum production, his bars certainly accompany this idea and his current inspiration to persist, as he begins with, "I've been doing alright, but i ain't gonna stop 'til i get where i wana be. Let's sit down and lay it all out, cuz I wana make proper P"; and ends with, "Old school vibes you best believe. All these things in life that I've achieved, still I'm here with more shit up my sleeve".

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