Capo Lee and P Money connect on 'Pagans Luv Me'

After smashing back into the grime scene with the savage and brutally honest "No One", P Money seems to be gearing up for his Money Over Everyone 3 mixtape. With the steam barely leaving him, Capo Lee invites the Blue Borough MC to connect on "Pagans Luv Me".

A mocking statement from the get-go, Capo proceeds to unravel a list of boasy statements about why the pagans luv him. This almost minimalist production, propelled along by an isolating piano and airy pad synth, is formed by Limitless and J Beatz. P Money wraps up the track with some mean bars: "I don't shoot with an average lens. I ain't from an average ends. I ain't really got rapping friends."

In our November interview with J Beatz, the Enfield producer seemed to hint at the release of "Pagans Luv Me", recalling how he and Limit had crafted an instrumental in the presence of Capo:

"That was the first time we'd done that, and that was fucking fun, bruv! It was a different procedure, because it was like playing catch up in a sense. Capo already had bars and he just knew he wanted it at a certain tempo or whatever. There was certain points where he's got a verse and a bit and there's still no hi hat, no snare, because he just keeps on firing bars!"

Listen below, and find Capo Lee on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates; and P Money on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.