Clipson pours effortless style & skill into 'Lightwork EP'

Earlier in the year we received a taster of new Clipson music via the "Saltfish Freestyle" video. An MC who has been in the game for years on years, and is still going strong, let's us know how easy it is for him, with this latest project entitled Lightwork EP.

This 4-track tape from the Slew Dem Mafia member, is a whirlwind of flows and musical styles - one thing that doesn't change is the weight Clipson brings to the mic. All songs are unapologetically grime however delivered in their own personalities. "The Relapse" bangs out as Clipson sprays "16's will leave your heart rate critical" - the title of this track almost serving as a warning for other MC, that Clips has relapsed from taking it easy and is now on for firing shots lyrically.
The East London MC proceeds to go through straight bars on "Saltfish Freestyle"; next lowkey moods on "Style Fi Dem"; and "Fraction G Freestyle", which starts chopped and screwed-esque but evolves into an explosion of orchestral blasts.

Check the tape below and find Clipson on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.