Empra reveals visuals for self-produced 'Empz'

Empra is by far set on showcasing his talent and ability in a variety of musical fields, as we can see from his latest release. Although dropped several months ago, we are now handed the visuals to the self titled, "Empz".

This debut single from the upcoming MC not only receives a shelling from "E-M-P to the Z", but is also produced by the young creative. Digging out some old school colours from his rucksack, we hear some, aged but still sweet, features - heavily ambient snares licks,  fluttery woodwind and distorted guitars.
Empz hops on the track to discuss why you wouldn't wana "war with me". Amongst other specifics, the London grime kid delivers an array of cold bars, accompanied by some cold, late nights shots form SBTV.

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