FFSYTHO rips apart a Filthy Gears prod. in 'Bop Through Ya Manor Freestyle'

If you haven't heard of FFSYTHO, then you seriously need to get off the Xbox, get out the house and socialise. Then, you may hear of the ferocity that is this Northampton lyricist. With production credits from the likes of Maniac and Terror Danjah; an array of sharp, venomous freestyle clips, a big salute from Jammer regarding LOTM - the rumble she's creating is clear, and will surely only intensify.

This latest track comes in the official release of "Bop Through Ya Manor Freestyle". As Filthy Gears sets a foundation of thick bass and keenly dropping strings, FFSYTHO instigates the lyrical attack. Everything is raw about this artist - the flow, the bars, and attitude and passion seeping through the speakers. Check the joint and you'll recognise why this MC is gonna be a problem in the near future.

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