Footsie and Brakeman 'Keep It Whippin' in new joint EP

Footsie and Brakeman have dropped a new EP. The eight track project features verses from Hitman and Merky Ace, and was released on Footsie's own label, Studio 55.

This is not the first time the two have collaborated. The Newham General and the South London MC also came together on "Dem Man There" and "What You Working With", and they have joined forces once again to give fans of the respective MCs a taste of what is to come from them in 2019.

The first track off the project, "Cold MC" has been released on SBTV, produced by Kromestar. The track is matched with a quintessential grime video, with footage of a rave, featuring shots of MCs from Capo Lee and Cadell to Flirta D and Wiley. The result is a smooth, professional yet gritty tune with a killer hook that separates the real from the fake.

Other standout songs include "Real Ting" which has an aforementioned verse from Merky Ace, and "Bird Call" which combines a spacey electronic riddim with slick barring from both MCs. All in all the entire project is exactly what we have come to expect from Footsie over the many years of his time as an MC; consistent, quality grime music with outstanding production. Brakeman impresses throughout, and fans will be eager to hear more from such a talented MC who has been putting in work on the radio circuit, and has been around for a long time and certainly warrants a buzz surrounding his name. Let's hope there's more to come from these two, and if "Keep It Whippin" is anything to go by, they will both go from strength to strength.

The EP is available to stream on all platforms. Stream it on Spotify below.